Delay in Northgate Interchange project

Construction has started on Siphon road in Chubbuck and Olympus drive in Pocatello and appears to be going well. It has been announced that construction on the actual interchange won’t be finished until August 2019 at the earliest which will save millions on the project.

Once completed, the interchange will cause a surge of development, both commercial and residential and supply more jobs for the area. Mayor Brian Blad of Pocatello has stated the Northgate project could double the population.

When the Idaho Transportation Department put its bid out to construct the interchange, all the bids that came back were well over what they had expected to pay. This caused the overseers to remove some time constraints and make design changes.

“By the time we put that project out for bid in June it was really difficult for contractors that were already involved with other contracts to get it done so quickly,” Trimboli said. “We took off the time constraints to dramatically reduce the cost.”

The Interchange will be delayed to bring costs down. The connecting infrastructure should be completed by the time they are ready to start the interchange. Siphon road and Olympus drive have already began extending toward I-15.

“We remain totally committed to the partnership and our role in the partnership,” said Buck Swany of Millennial Development. “As you can see we are executing our part of the agreement. We are spending tons of time and money getting everything done when we said we would and we are exactly on schedule.”

Portneuf and Millennial are the development groups in charge of extending Olympus drive and from there the Idaho Department of Transportation will take over to complete the interchange.

“We are approximately four to six weeks out from completion,” Swany said. “We have put in the off-site water and sewer. We have installed the road base and curbing and essentially we have finished two-thirds of the road construction project. Our commitment was to be finished in the fall and we have kept our part of the bargain.”

Siphon road is being extended by Chubbuck. The Mayor of Chubbuck claims the delay advantageous. It takes the pressure of being done by Christmas off and might save some money as well. The extension involves a lot of tough regions and copious volumes of dirt needing to be moved.

The delay has had seemingly no negative impacts on the project and its organizers.

-from Idaho State Journal

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