$750,000 Request Rescinded – Construction Company Announced for Interchange

Buck Swaney of Millennial Development rescinded the request for paying the extra work they accomplished on Olympus. The request was for nearly $750,000.

“It’s a relief,” Pocatello City Councilman Roger Bray said about the rescinded reimbursement request. “I didn’t want to pay it in the first place because I thought that I should have been a participant in the decision to approve the work.”

The private developers, Millennial and Portneuf, completed upgrades to a section of Olympus. The road was widened from two lanes to four and received electrical, water, sewer and communication utility improvements.

On October 23, 2018 Swaney requested the reimbursement of $744,655 to the Pocatello City Council. The original agreement was not for these private developers to complete the improvements to Olympus Drive. A general estimate was presented to the Mayor of Pocatello, Mayor Brian Blad but the city council wasn’t aware until the meeting on October 23. Swaney claims Blad gave a verbal agreement to reimbursement after hearing the general estimate.

City Councilman Roger Bray claimed the rescinded request came about because it was discovered there was an agreement between the city and the private developers. Millennial was responsible for the improvements.

“Initially, the city committed $450,000 to do the improvement we needed on Olympus Drive from Jerome Street to Chubbuck Road as part of our overall contribution to the project,” Bray said. “Later, when (the developers) needed the money to go to the (interchange construction) itself because of state requirements we moved that money over to the (interchange). There was an agreement that amended the initial agreement and recorded the transition of those funds. That agreement left the developers responsible for paying for this extra work.”

Councilman Bray believes there will not be any tension going forward with the Northgate project.

November 1, 2018 it was announced that Cannon Builders of Blackfoot will begin construction on the interchange on November 5, 2018. Construction will continue through winter as much as possible. The Idaho Transportation Department said the interchange will be completed by August 2019 at the earliest.

-from Idaho State Journal



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